In the last 24 hours, there has not been a change in the standings at the Clipper 2017/18 Round the World Yacht Race. This is because there has been no change in the weather conditions since yesterday’s gear shift. It has been almost two weeks of steady plain sailing for the competing teams.

PSP Logistics are maintaining their lead for the second straight day. Within the last half a day, they have sailed further 118 nautical miles towards Sanya. The captain of the team Matt Mitchell is pleased with the team’s progress so far. He said the wind is stable and its direction has been very consistent.


The Group Of Oshkosh Sailing Are Looking For A New Horizon

The Oshkosh International Youth Sailing executive director hears it all the time; he introduces a student group to water sports and sailing.

Approximately 10,000 students from six communities from all over the northeast Wisconsin with the organization have given sailing a whirl, which on this year marks its 10th season.

While this milestone itself is a reason for celebration, Eliasen has his eyes set on another goal: Now, he wants to watch sailing trench into Oshkosh culture.

In 2007, IYSO started as a field trip for ALPs Charter School, here Eliasen and his children of his wife Sara went. A rare alignment was created by Steve Eliasen for adventurous members of ALPs staff and perfect weather conditions for the success of initial days. (more…)

2017 EFG Sailing Arabia Tour Kicks Off

There are eight international teams taking part in the EFG Sailing Arabia event that has just kicked started. The start was not as planned by the sailors as well as the organizers.

The teams from Oman, Switzerland, Kuwait, Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy had to face some rough weather at the start itself as the wind speed was a feisty 20 knot. This offshore premier Arabian regatta event is looked forward to many offshore sailing enthusiasts every year, including one particular one who enjoys an annual Bareboat Charter in Split.

The first drag race is the race from Muscat to Sohar. There will be five such grueling off shore racing legs and the sailing teams will have to cover a total of 763 nautical miles and reach the top position to be crowned the 2017 EFG Sailing Arabia champion. (more…)

The Focus Of Foiling In Sailing

When it comes to sailing innovation and technology continues to play a major role.

With the kind of boats that are designed and launched competition rules are defined according to the capabilities of such vessels. From the canoes of traditional times to modern foiling catamarans, every kind of sailing vessel defines the kind of sailing experience one will have. And competitive sailing in turn defines rules and format of competitions around the capabilities of the vessels.

Foiling is all the rage now, even it being included in the Olympic Games as was witnessed in the last series in 2016. Foiling indeed has made remarkable progress and made sailing a fast paced and thrilling sport to watch. For sailors it means a lot of muscle power and fast maneuvering techniques to keep up to boat capabilities which can cover the distance on water at incredible speed, often leading to close competitions and crashes even between boats. Many are very enthusiastic about the modern foiling boat designs and technology. (more…)

Daniel Gets Performance Of The Year Nomination

Daniel Smith, Clipper 2015-16 race skipper, is a proud man as he has been shortlisted for the Performance of the Year Award for the outstanding results put in by the Derry Londonderry Doire team.

The 34 year-old West Kilbride man came in the second position out of the twelve teams that took to finish the 11-month long Clipper 2015-16 races. The race is considered to pose one of the toughest challenges in the world for the participants. Daniel is very happy about his nomination at the RYA Scotland Annual Awards and told all about it. (more…)

City Girls Received Sailing Rescue Awards

The entire crew of City Girl will be given the Arthur B. Hanson rescue medal.

The medal is given to those sailors who play an extraordinary role in rescuing other sailors. During the Chicago Yacht Club Race of 2016, City Girl crew saved Who Do crew members while they met with an accident. They saved all 11 sailors present on the yacht and showed their bravery. The team will be honored during the Mac Awards Ceremony hosted by Chicago Yacht Club. The award ceremony will take place on 5 November on Saturday.

Detail of incident

WhoDo and City Girl was competing in race of Chicago Yacht race. The race was up to Mackinac, the yacht of WhoDo was sailing fine and then suddenly because of change wind condition, some wrong happened and WhoDo lost their control on a yacht. Announcements were made for accident and team of City Girl heard that. They came forward helped WhoDo team who were about to sink. They bravely rescued all 11 sailors present on the yacht. At the time five other yacht too left the race and came forward to help teams of WhoDo. (more…)