The Focus Of Foiling In Sailing

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When it comes to sailing innovation and technology continues to play a major role.

With the kind of boats that are designed and launched competition rules are defined according to the capabilities of such vessels. From the canoes of traditional times to modern foiling catamarans, every kind of sailing vessel defines the kind of sailing experience one will have. And competitive sailing in turn defines rules and format of competitions around the capabilities of the vessels.

Foiling is all the rage now, even it being included in the Olympic Games as was witnessed in the last series in 2016. Foiling indeed has made remarkable progress and made sailing a fast paced and thrilling sport to watch. For sailors it means a lot of muscle power and fast maneuvering techniques to keep up to boat capabilities which can cover the distance on water at incredible speed, often leading to close competitions and crashes even between boats. Many are very enthusiastic about the modern foiling boat designs and technology.

Indeed, to watch the boats fly over water is not only thrilling to watch but to sail as well. For that reason Foiling Week has been gathering interest over the years. It is an event that was started in 2014 and has the latest technology and sailing debuts in this category every year. The event is formed to promote foiling technology in sailing and it has been gaining ground in popularity over the years. Many feel that performance and innovation as well as a sense of adventure that is installed in competitive sailing are held up by foiling technology the most. It might be no coincidence that the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup will include foiling catamarans handled by young sailors who will mimic the same competition style as carried out by the most experienced sailors in the main Louis Vuitton event of America’s Cup.