Rockfish Restaurant Donates To Sailing Club

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The Rockfish restaurant has donated funds to help a sailing club buy a dinghy to take part in the fleet. The donation has made the Royal Dart Youth Sailing Trust to buy the new RS Quest dinghy. It was a good gesture shown by the restaurant. The Trust helps children by providing a chance to sail to get out of the water. In the last 2 years, there have been great improvements made by the Trust with several primary and secondary school children given a chance to sail. Many children from different schools and academies spent 2 days to achieve the RYA level one and the rest of them enjoyed the ‘learning to sail’ day. It was a first experience of sailing for majority of children. The Trust thanked Savills as they sponsored many things, including T-shirts for each child who participated from local schools.

The owner of Rockfish Mitch Tonks said that they love the work done by the Royal Dart Youth Sailing Trust. They provide a chance to sail for children from distinct places and conditions. As per Tonks, sailing was something he enjoyed with his family and he is happy that he is helping through funds to encourage many young children achieve their dream. Every restaurant of Rockfish group is in favor of local charities. A specific amount is exclusively dedicated towards donation on the menus as well and several customers happily donate to this renowned charitable organization.

The restaurant Dartmouth Rockfish selected this Trust as it is one of the popular charities and they truly appreciate the support rendered by the organization. Children have a great chance to achieve their dream, passion and hobby of sailing and it is indeed a life changing opportunity for children. The Trust was set up in the year 2016 and now supports innumerable people to get their hands on sailing.